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Our homemade cannoli is made-to-order with fresh all-natural Grande ricotta cheese, natural almond extract, candied citron fruit, all-natural chocolate chips and lightly sweetened with powder sugar. You pick the size and how we dress them up with either MORE chocolate chips, or natural pistachio or maraschino cherry. For best results, plan on storing our cannoli as cold as possible (but not freezing) and consuming within 2 days.

PLEASE NOTE Following:

1. You must pre-order at least 48 hours in advance.

2. Chocolate shells are no longer available. All Cannoli come in plain cookie shell.

3. Minimum order is 1 dozen regular or 2 dozen mini. For free delivery, the minimum is 2 dozen regular or 4 dozen mini.

4. When ordering mini size, 2 mini cannoli = 1 set. So if you want a total of 24 mini cannoli, order 12 sets.

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