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    586 Redbird Circle De Pere , Wisconsin 54115 Phone: 920-632-6185

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    Monday – Thursday: 10:30AM – 8:00PM

    Friday – Saturday: 10:30AM – 9:00PM

    Sunday - Closed


    586 Redbird Circle

    De Pere, WI 54115



    Organic Stuff

    Interested in Organic Fruits & Veggies???

    We now sell**Certified ORGANIC**produce at prices well below supermarket. For example current WINTER prices are as follows:

    Tomatoes $1.44/lb

    Carrots $1.31/lb

    Romaine lettuce $2.80/lb

    Green Peppers $1.40/each

    Pears $1.11/lb


    Prices & selection changes every week so come check us out and/or let us email you weekly price list - just send us your request to email below:



    What's Up?

    Ø New Addition - Veggie Lasagna made with carrots, spinach, kale, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms in ourrich and flavroful tomato sauce.

    Ø We now sell organic fruits and Veggies (see below!).

    Ø New Addition - Meat Lasagna made with rich tomato sauce, tastly Italian Sausage and grass-fed beef.

    Ø New Addition to our hoagie line: Meatball Hoagie is now available!

    Ø Take & Bake AND Par-Bake is now available!!!! Great option for folks who want HOT pizza but are too far from our store. Also works great on Sundays....just pickup you pie on Saturday (we are closed Sundays).

    Ø Beer & Wine: Now serving wine from Captain's Walk Winery and beer from Hintererland.

    Ø Pizza by-the-slice: Now serving slices for lunch Mon-Fri: Cheese/Sausage/Pepperoni/Margherita

    Ø We now have catering. Please see Catering under our Menu for more details.

    Green Bay Press Gazette Interview 1

    Green Bay Press Gazette Interview 2

    Welcome to Oley's Pepperoni Cannoli

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    Come and experience the authentic natural flavors of old world cuisine. We believe fresh, natural ingredients simply taste better. Whenever possible (without compromising taste or quality) we look for ingredients without the additives, hormones, nitrates and preservatives. We also think that by using local Wisconsin producers (our friends) we have a pulse on higher quality products while supporting our community. We partner with local farmers committed to natural and organic farming methods.

    Do you know where your food comes from?


    Just mention this special to get the deal:

    t 10% discount on Take & Bake or Par-Bake Pizzas!

    Dine In

    Enjoy a comfortable seat in our dining area where you can watch your pizza made just for you.

    Pick Up

    Call in @ 920-632-6185 and have your order hot and ready for you or come-in to watch your pizza made for you and either way take the pizza to enjoy in your own comfort.


    We deliver within a 10 minute radius of our restaurant or as arrangements are made, no problem! See our map to see if you are in the 10 minute zone